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We value, more than anything, our relationships with our clients, and are warmly grateful for the trust they have placed in us.

See what our valued customers have to say about myPOS products, people and services.

We have been using myPOS for about year now and recently we have launched our loyalty program with myPOS. We have also integrated our finance and other modules with myPOS We are very happy that we got an ERP like this, which is supporting our retail, inventory, finance, loyalty and everything! It is actually a great opportunity that we got myPOS integrated to our business.

Mr. Rizwi Thaha - CEO – Cool Planet

We have been using myPOS since 2012. It’s flexible product coding structure, template based transactions and dynamic reporting modules are the main reasons for us to choose myPOS to support our business.

With myPOS, we maintain centralized sales, inventory, promotions, gift vouchers, loyalty and finance functions.

We can recommend myPOS for anyone in the industry without hesitation! .

Thank you.

Mr. Rajitha Wickramarathna - IT Manager – ASB Fashions

Excellent service provided very professionally from the very beginning. Would recommend them to anyone!

Mr. Diana Gamage - Proprietor - Diana Mann Collection

Helped us to improve our customer relationship through a very scalable customized solution. Glad to have myPOS as our software provider!

Mr. M.P.M. Zihan - Manager Finance & Administration - Makeen Books

Superb service with dedicated 24x7 support. Would recommend for any retailer big or small.

Mr. Shalana Rodrigo - Chairman - Union Chemists (Pvt) Ltd

Provides a better control of all our functions with a great feature rich application. Would recommend myPOS to anyone!

Mr. Mohamed Fazil - Director - Medi-Care Innovations (Pvt) Ltd

Best ERP solution for the industry with an amazing service! Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend myPOS as the ideal solution!

Mr. Shifraz Cader - Director - Navalanka Super City

It has been almost two years since we have started using services from myPOS Software Solutions.

I went on internet and searched for a good solution, once I decided to get a system for our wine store. I found lot of companies on the net and ultimately I found out that myPOS is already providing solutions in the same industry for well-known establishments.

I have called few of those organizations and got good references for the system and decided that myPOS is the most suitable company to provide the solution that I was looking for.

They have provided everything what we were looking for, from a good system.

And they have provided an excellent aftersales service, once we have started using the system.

Our standard operating hours are from 09.00AM to 09.00PM. They provide an excellent service even late nights. If we need assistance for something even late nights around 09.00PM they are providing assistance at that time.

We find that most of the wine stores in the industry are not yet computerized. But we can - without any hesitation – tell anyone in the industry that having a solution from myPOS will definitely help your business. For an example we get lots of customers for special occasions such as New Year, etc but we were able to serve all our clients without any delay and with more accuracy.

Therefore I can recommend solutions from myPOS to anyone who is willing to go for a complete software solution.

Mr. Chathuranga Pathirana - Proprietor - Pathirana Wine Stores

Spring & Summer has been using 3 or 4 different POS systems prior to myPOS. The biggest reason why we kept on switching was the fat that when we grew, the systems didn’t grow with us. In a way we outgrew most of our systems. Our requirements became larger and they were not able to cater what we want.

So when we got a hold of myPOS they came and gave us a very good demo. And they promised us that they will provide a solution that will grow with us.

One of the main reasons why we chose myPOS as our software solutions provider is that they had a method called dynamic code creation, where we were able to create codes according to colors, sizes and brand and we didn’t have to create items code by code.

They have a system where we can give our requirement and then the system will create the codes for us. This was one of the biggest reasons together with that it had an advance reporting system where the management was able to get key data to the people necessary very quickly through their reporting system.

Whenever we had any new requirements coming through it was very easy, that the fact that the top management of myPOS was very accessible we were able to get the appointments very quickly and get the process moving very fast.

With the introduction of myPOS, we were able to launch our loyalty system and though the loyalty system we have been able to gather lot of important data about our customers and we have been able to use that to better our products.

We also have automated promotions, vouchers, finance, etc. I would recommend myPOS to anyone in a heartbeat, just because they actually can cater your requirements and they will always try their best to provide solutions whenever required!

Mr. Dulan Wijegunawardena - Director – Spring & Summer Fashion Collection

myPOS provides great business analytics and helps us to analyze our business in to far corners of the operation. Congratulations on the wonderful job you are doing!

Mr. Muhammad Ridhaa - Managing partner – Bambino Lanka Private Limited

Friendly and professional service!

Mr. Neelaka Fernando - Proprietor – DMN Super

TFO is being growing with myPOS since last 2 years. And in any company today, IT is the backbone. And usually when you have so many products, and when you want to track everything, you need to have a good support from your software. That’s where myPOS stands. And when you come to myPOS their support, their systems are too good. It’s very easy to deal with myPOS. They are just far from a phone call and when you call them their response is very fast.

One of the best thing about them is that they are very much in to the industry and they know what’s their delivering. Their modules are very much customized to cater our requirements and you would analyze every corner of your operation with their system and you don’t need external tools to do that and that’s the best about their software.

And to be very honest, their system is very fast. We have not being running high end servers, but for them the required hardware and infrastructure is very cost effective, which is more suitable for a business like us where we would not spend huge monies on IT at this point of time.

They are the best in the market!

Mr. Shaeed Yoonus - General Manager – operations - The Factory Outlet

Goods service and easy to operate system.

Mr. M. Haroon Yaseen - Senior Manager - Dynamix Books (Pvt) Ltd

Adoptable and sophisticated solution! I request everyone to try myPOS solutions for better service and solution experience.

Mr. Gemunu Weerawardena - Managing Director - Saweena Group of Companies

We have improved a lot with myPOS by having proper information at the right time. Thank you myPOS for a job well done!

Mr. K.D.A Hettiarachchi - Proprietor - Premasiri Supermarket

Very satisfying service! We use myPOS from the inception for all our software requirements. I’m thankful for their service!

Mr. Dimuthu Mallawaarachchi - Proprietor - Shanthi Tiles & Bath Ware

myPOS provides all in one ERP solution for our company. Great service and amazing software! Would recommend to any business big or small!

Mr. Chathura Prasan - Director – Operations - Calton Sweet House (Pvt) Ltd

myPOS helped me to streamline my operations. Would recommend myPOS to anyone without hesitation!

Mr. Ruwan Liyanapathirana – Proprietor – Asiri Pharmacy

myPOS is a critical component of our success! We see them more as a partner than a third party service provider.

Mr. Infiyaz Ali - Head Of Operations - Healthguard Limited

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