myPay - Payroll System

Our payroll system allows businesses to follow a set series of processes in order to make timely, correct payments in compliance with government regulations.



Master Files

               Company Master

               Location Master

               Department Master

               Category Master

               Designation Master

               Employee Master

               Allowance Master

               Deduction Master

               Loan Master

               Bank Master


Shift Master


               Attendance Allowance Table

               Stamp Duty Table

               Payee Tax Table


Leave Table





               Monthly Attendance Summary (Entry / Import From External File)

               Monthly Allowance Entry (Fixed / Variable)

               Monthly Deduction Entry (Fixed / Variable)

               Advance Entry (Monthly / Weekly)

               Loan Entry (Loan Creation / Loan Recovery)

               Salary Process / Salary Reverse

               Month End

               Over Time Process [Separate From Salary Process]


                                             Over Time Process / Reverse

                                             Over Time Month Ned

               Salary Increments

               Employee Resignation / Termination

               Gratuity Process / Payment

               Bonus Process


                                             Bonus Slip

                                             Bonus Register

               Data Transfer To Bank

                                             Monthly Salary

                                             Over Time Payment





               Master Listing

               Monthly Transaction Listing (Detail / Summary)

               Monthly Pay (Pay Slips / Pay Sheet / Pay Register)


               EPF / ETF Contribution (Monthly EPF / ETF)

                                             History EPF / ETF

                                             EPF Returns (Form C)

                                             ETF Returns (Form ii)

               Loan Information

                                             Loan Outstanding

                                             Monthly Loan Payment

               Over Time Information

                                             Monthly Over Time Entry Listing

                                             Over Time Register

               History Information

                                             Allowance Listing

                                             Deduction Listing

                                             Advance Listing

                                             Attendance Listing

                                             Loan History

                                             Pay Slips

                                             Pay Register

                                             Pay Sheet

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