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Your inventory on the go!

Mobile-Man is a simple handheld inventory management solution, designed and developed as a plug-in module to myPOS ERP.


Mobile-Man, as the name goes is an inventory verification application, which is designed to be used on mobile devices enabling users to perform random stock verifications, gap scans, barcode verifications, price checks and many other options using any smart mobile device such as a tab or a mobile phone.


With the introduction of Mobile-Man, users will value the benefit of reduced time spent on stock verifications or checking for barcodes or in re-ordering. This will reflect a new way for retailers to reduce time and manpower wasted on traditional manual counts and verifications.


Mobile-Man will be in harmony with the main myPOS ERP backend and will automatically update price changes, stock levels, barcode details, re-orders, etc and verify the physical inventories in real time.


  • Trend setting, easy to use, affordable, unparalleled reliability, personalized training and service back up.

  • Shorter time spent on stock counts or random verifications.

  • Securely and easily, integrate with the existing myPOS sales & inventory modules and customization possible for individual needs for different verticals.

Features of Mobile-Man®


Password restricted access with location wise user assignment

Authority controlled special actions such as price changes.

Barcode / QR code scanning

Product search

Shelf label printing

Assign supplier / international barcodes to products on the go.

Integrated to myPOS ERP

On-line sales & inventory details.


  • Login

  • Home page dashboard statistics

  • Product search

  • Product scan

  • Assign Barcode

  • Assign Shelf / Bin

  • Assign Product photo

  • Print Shelf label

  • Print Price tag

  • View stock

  • Verify Stock

  • Re-order

  • Price update

  • View promotions

  • Purchase orders

  • Goods received notes

  • Supplier returns

  • Damage notes

  • Wastage notes

  • Stock counting & adjustments

  • Sales orders


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