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“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

 – Bo Derek



Multi Vendor E-commerce platform


B2B Marketplace

Are you looking to build a B2B Marketplace store where the supplier and business buyers can connect and make high volume orders and transactions?


What is b2b Marketplace ?

B2b or business to business marketplace – B2b Multi vendor marketplace is a platform which connects vendors and buyer.

There are other possibilities as well- 

B2b Marketplace connects suppliers with retailer

B2b Marketplaces connects manufacturers with distributors

B2b Marketplaces connects Vendors with customers 

and there are several use cases like this.


Why B2B Marketplace is required?

Commerce is growing very rapidly and after the Alibaba success story, B2b marketplaces are required in almost every country and also in every industry.


B2b Marketplaces directly connects suppliers to the retailers with couple of business to business tools –

  • Request for quote ( RFQ )

  • Quotes

  • Purchase Order

  • Price list

  • Shopping list

  • Multi user accounts

  • Quick order (order via csv)

  • Order approval

  • Sales rep management

  • Customer approval

  • Customisable catalogue

  • Reporting


B2C Marketplace

Do you want to start your very own marketplace store, where you can let other sellers sell their products along with you? Get started today with mySkyMarket.


Top Notch Features


mySkyMarket comes with handful of features to compete across the industries.



Each and every seller have their unique profile



Sellers can curate their very own product collection



Customers can rate or review respective Sellers



Store owner can earn per-sale commissions from the Sellers


Sellers can separately manage shipping and taxes from their end



Sellers have a complete dashboard for their respective statistics



Adapts to both Left-to-Right and Right-to-Left directions



Marketplace can be enhanced with native portable app



Customers can directly ask questions to Sellers



mySkyMarket is designed with Mobile first approach

Standard mySkyMarket features in detail

mySkyMarket:  Multi Seller module is quite flexible in functionality. This module will convert your standard store in to Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating.


mySkyMarket module also contains the custom shipping feature, where the partner can add their own shipping rate according to shipping region and weight of the product.  The customer can view the details of the seller profile he can add the feedback for the seller based on their product.

Highlighted Features

Fast And Intuitive Interface

Create a beautiful fast and intuitive marketplace.

RTL Language Support

Supports languages that are written from right to left like - Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Kurdish, Persian, and others.


All Product Types Supported

The admin/sellers can make use of the different default supported product types for creating their store listings.

Separate Seller Profile

Every seller has his own respective profile.


Marketplace Seller Separate View

Marketplace sellers can choose to have a separate seller view just like the admin’s layout view.


Multiple Payment Gateway Support

The marketplace module supports multiple payment gateways.

Seller Mass Payout

Payout to the marketplace sellers in mass by making use of the mass payout option.

Auto/Manual Approve Sellers

Auto or manual approval of the sellers can be managed by the mall management.


Multiple Seller Product Checkout

Customers can swiftly make a checkout with multiple seller products in the cart.

Show Upsell/Cross-Sell Products

Marketplace sellers can set up their products for upselling and cross-sell.


Restrict Cross-Sell Discount

Only after the cross-sell discount is enabled, the actual discount on the products within the cart will be applicable.

Seller Profile Management

The sellers can easily manage their seller profile under their account panel and can edit it as required.


Create Custom Shipping Methods

Event-Based shipping and Priority-Based shipping methods can be created as required.

Commission Management

mySkyMarket module provides the commission management for the mall management. In base marketplace module mall management can set commission on a global level as well as tenant/vendor/seller level. You can also choose the commission based on categories.

  • Global Commission management for all Sellers.

  • Category based commission management.

  • Fixed and Percentage based commission.

  • Calculate commission on unit price.

  • Calculate commission with tax.

  • Set commission priority.


mySkyMarket advance commission add-on, that allows the admin to set commission based on seller specific products or categories. The admin can create commission rules according to price and set fixed or percent based value. It also supports CSV file upload feature.



Seller Dashboard

mySkyMarket dashboard gives an overview of the store to the sellers. The sellers can view various statistical data about store performance. There are various features of the dashboard as follows:

  • Total Orders.

  • Total Sales.

  • Total Buyers.

  • Low Stock Products.

  • Order Status - Processing, Completed, Canceled.

  • Sales Analytics - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.

  • Location of customers on the World Map.

  • Latest Orders with details - Order ID, Customer, Date, Price.



Marketplace Income

Using mySkyMarket module shopping mall management can find total sale by each seller, commission, admin amount, remaining amount to pay. Mall management can also pay to the seller.

  • Admin can pay to the seller.

  • Mall management can find seller name, seller commission, seller's total amount.

  • Admin can find the remaining amount.

  • The Admin can use Mass Payout to pay all sellers at once.

  • Print invoice for marketplace transactions.


Marketplace Category Attribute Mapping

The admin can do the mapping of product attributes according to the categories. So whenever any seller adds a new product and selects a category, its mapped attribute will appear itself.

  • Add, edit, or delete mapped attributes.

  • Add parent or child categories.

  • The seller can add multiple categories.


Marketplace Notifications

The admin and the sellers receive various types of marketplace notifications. The sellers can view their notifications from the frontend. The following types of notifications are visible to both admin and the sellers:

  • New order placed.

  • Order status changed.

  • Order return requested.

  • Product approved.

  • Out of stock product.

  • Product review received.

  • Seller review received.

Marketplace Seller Review

Logged in customers can give reviews and ratings to the sellers. The admin can manage these reviews from the back-end. The following options are available to the admin:

  • Enable or disable review status.

  • Create seller review fields.

  • Add, edit or delete a review.



Seller Order Management

The admin can allow the sellers to manage their orders. The sellers can view the complete order details about the customer, product, shipping address. The following options are available for marketplace order management:

  • The seller can print an invoice.

  • The seller can cancel an order.

  • The seller can add comments in the orders.

  • The seller can change order status.

  • Admin is notified when order status changes.

  • The admin can select order status for sellers.

  • The admin can set order status sequence.

  • Minimum cart value for checkout can be set.

  • Product quantity restriction for discounted products.



SEO Management

mySkyMarket offers various SEO tools for increasing user traffic on the website. Create search engine friendly (SEF) URLs that are meaningful to the users and the search engines.

  • Add meta title, description, keywords for products.

  • Use SEF keyword for the shop (screen name).

  • Create SEF URLs for various pages of the store.

  • Customize the product SEF URL format.

  • Add any extension with SEO URLs.


Marketplace Custom Shipping

The sellers can manage shipping method from the front-end. They can upload CSV file mentioning the country, zip code, weight, price, and max days. The admin can upload CSV file for multiple sellers including its own store.

  • Set a custom shipping method title for the front-end.

  • Select shipping method - flat, matrix, or mix.

  • Add tax class with the custom shipping.

  • Customers can view the estimated delivery date.

  • Download sample CSV file for reference.

  • Add a flat shipping rate for all products and zip codes.

  • The admin/seller can add Event-Based/Priority-Based custom shipping methods.



Seller Separate View

Now, the sellers of the marketplace can have a separate seller view just like the admin. This will be available for use after the admin has set the respective setting in the configuration of the marketplace to enabled. The sellers will be able to have the front-end view as of the admin's.

  • The admin can allow a separate vendor dashboard.

  • Sellers can make use of the separate view just like the admin.

  • Sellers can hide the separate view under their account panel.

mySkyMarket back-end features Summary:


  • mySkyMarket module supports Multi-stores.

  • Supports the Multi-Lingual feature.

  • Multi-store select option for the Marketplace.

  • PayPal email ID is verified through PayPal API.




  • Admin can add commission based on category.

  • Automatic approval of products and sellers setting on the admin side.

  • Admin can restrict the account menu options and sequence.

  • Admin can select the order status for the seller.

  • Admin can create template-based emails for Marketplace which will be used, according to Admin selection.

  • Admin can find total sale by each seller and the admin income from any particular seller under “Marketplace Income”.

  • Admin can track the seller’s income, total order, total buyers, and latest order using dashboard field under edit sellers page.

  • Admin/Seller can change order status of each product. The admin can assign specific product categories to sellers.

  • The admin can map product attributes with the categories for the sellers.

  • The admin can pay to all sellers at once using Mass Payout and print invoice.

  • The admin and the sellers can preview product on the front-end.

  • Restrict the purchase quantity for the products which have any discount or special price.

  • The admin can set the minimum cart amount for the checkout.

  • The admin can manage the seller review fields.

  • The admin and the partners can view notifications for orders, products, and reviews.




  • Each seller has a separate seller profile page & can edit their profile page on their own.

  • The seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text and also customize store as per any color theme.

  • Feedback and review system with an interactive star rating.

  • Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.

  • The seller can add Simple and Downloadable product.

  • Custom Field - Partner can add the custom field by Marketplace Multi-vendor module and these custom fields will show on the product detail page.

  • The sellers can add tax information from the front-end.

  • Sellers can use Seller-Customer Switcher to hide the marketplace menu.

  • The selected order status will be used by the seller for changing their product order status.




  • The customer can checkout with multiple sellers product at the same time.

  • Customers can view the estimated date of the delivery on the product page.

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